Kevin Twomey's first study of light came from studying theatrical lighting where he learned the ability to control light to set the mood and evoke emotion. He further developed his creative eye studying fine art at the State University of New York at New Paltz, receiving his BFA in photography. After spending a few years in NYC shooting commercially, he moved to San Francisco and opened up his own studio. He currently shoots commercially in the Bay Area while continually working on his personal projects on organic material. His organic series has contributed to supporting local organic crop growers in the Bay Area, has received several International Photography Awards, and has been part of a public artworks project for the city of Emeryville.

Kevin delights in raising the most mundane of objects to an iconic level. His use of theatrical lighting techniques and deliberate-but-unexpected diptych pairings lure the viewer into discovering an object's beauty, whether it be an heirloom tomato or a salt shaker designed by Philippe Starck. An observer is unwittingly led along trails blazed by his own curiosity to discover what has always been there, but was until now unseen.

It is this sensibility that is of great value to commercial clients. Kevin likes to spend time prior to the shoot discovering the emotive appeal of a product, then offers a client various options to achieve his unique visions. Kevin's use of high-end digital capture equipment and a talented team of assistants, stylists, retouchers and CG artists gathered over the past decade support his workflow and vision in ways that enable the studio to perform with the utmost efficiency.